Under-stair cupboard

Optimize every centimetre of space under and around your staircase with tailor-made solutions designed specifically for each situation.

Sesia Scale is a company located in Terni specialized in interior staircases. In addition to that, we also take care of the under stairs, to give completeness to our proposals and offer valid solutions aesthetically and functionally for the customer.

Among our possible options, you can find:

Deep sliding drawers like the entire width of the staircase, of different heights and with different functions. Some common uses are: coat rack for coats, shoe rack, rack for bottles of wine, pantry area, vacuum cleaner holder and household products. 

Drawers under the steps. Some common uses are: products for the care of your pet, shoes and products for the maintenance of the same, toys, books. 

Custom furniture, to transform the space, often impractical, below your staircase in a highly-equipped area such as a cabinet for TV and stereo. 

Locking doors, to reconfigure your under-stairs in a practical storage space. 

Customized bookcases, made of the same wood and the same colour of the staircase. If desired, they can also be made with the same proportions of the staircase or combined directly with the same.

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