Suspended stairs

Suspended stairs (or cantilevered stairs) are considered by many to be the definitive design solution, since they offer maximum aesthetics with minimum visual impact.

Sesia Scale of Terni also creates suspended stairs that are stairs without visible load-bearing structures in which the steps are anchored directly to the wall.

The treads of this type of staircase are available in solid wood (beech or oak), painted steel or glass. The models in wood and metal can also be provided with closed riser.

The finishes of the cantilevered stairs can be chosen from various proposals: Sesia colour range, RAL lacquering on request, sample colour.

The railings that best match with this type of staircase are the steel railing with horizontal wires, the railing with tie rods anchored to the ceiling and the railing completely in glass.

The latter is generally the best choice because the transparency of our extra-clear glass will make the steps seem suspended in the air.

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