Modular staircases

Modular staircases are elegant, solid, comfortable and easy to fit, even in the most limited spaces.

In Terni, Sesia Scale also produces modular stairs where wood and stainless steel are the main components, along with metal and glass. All of this guarantees a guaranteed aesthetic impact.

The staircase with rounded modules has no visible bolts or hardware. Everything is masterfully hidden and wood is the main focus. Your staircase will seem to stand in your spaces as if it had been naturally implanted there.

The rectangular staircase, on the other hand, has a good part of metal and joints in sunlight. This is to satisfy all tastes, even those of those who want to give a touch of the industrial to their home.

Wood finishes: Sesia colour palette, RAL lacquering on request, sample colour.

The modular staircases are the perfect solution for those who want to have comfort and functionality, without sacrificing aesthetics and a product with an excellent value for money.

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