Sesia Scale is a company located in Terni, near Rome and operating throughout central Italy. It operates in the field of interior staircases and in that of railings and balustrades for both indoor and outdoor environments.

All this combining functionality and aesthetic value, advanced technology and respect for the environment.

We are specialized in the fabrication of various types of staircases for interiors: suspended staircases, open staircases, spiral staircases, modular staircases, rounded staircases. Models made using wood, steel and crystal in many combinations to satisfy every type of taste.

In addition, there are solutions for under stairs and railings of various kinds, furnishings that enhance the offer even more.

Our products are made to measure, are practical and aesthetically pleasing. Every day we create functional, solid staircases that are easy to fit into any context. Staircases for homes, stairs for shops, stairs for offices. Works with an aesthetic impact that qualifies and enhances the environment that welcomes them.

We offer a wide range of models, styles, materials, colours and many accessories, selected with special care.

From the moment of inspection to the design, from the production phases to the installation of the stairs, the entire production process of the company – which uses advanced machinery and technologies which allow it to work at its best and keep costs low – is entrusted to a team of highly qualified technicians.

In the photos on the right you can see the various steps that will bring your staircase to life. From the measurements, we will extract a drawing and a 3D render of the staircase of your choice, one that will represent the future finished product, so that nothing is left to chance as faithfully as possible.

Certified quality and respect for the environment

Sesia Scale is a certified company for the quality management system according to ISO 9001: 2015 standards.

ISO 9001 is the reference standard for those who want to control their production process cyclically, starting from the definition of the requirements (expressed or not) of the customers, arriving to the monitoring of the entire production process.

Client and his satisfaction are at the center of the purposes of this certification. Every activity, application and monitoring of the processes are aimed at determining the maximum satisfaction of the end user.

Ho commissionato una scala in legno che è stata montata ieri, ottimo lavoro ,la scala è molto bella al di là di ogni aspettativa. A questo si aggiunge anche la velocità e la professionalità degli operai addetti al montaggio.
Grazie davvero. Non mi risparmierò di consigliare la vostra ditta!

Tiziana F.

SESIA SRL in the global market

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